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Hardscaping, a specialized discipline focused on crafting and customizing non-living elements of your landscape, unveils boundless possibilities to enhance aesthetic appeal, usability, and property value. From elegantly paved driveways to robust retaining walls and welcoming patios, our expert team transforms bare or underutilized areas into charismatic, functional, and enchanting spaces.

Nestled in the heart of Surf City and extending our expert services to the encompassing Long Beach area, SquallCo manifests a blend of precision, expertise, and an unyielding commitment to quality in every project. For years, we’ve sculpted exquisite hardscapes that not only stand the test of time but also mirror the unique desires of each client. This article unfurls our story, services, and the unparalleled hardscaping solutions that have shaped countless captivating outdoors. Engage with us as we traverse through our specialized services, signature projects, and the unwavering dedication that has crowned us a preferred hardscaper in Surf City and beyond.


Hardscapes in Long Beach Island, NJ & Surrounding Areas

Hardscapes are investments that will immediately improve not only the look of your property but also its ROI. At SQUALLCO Inc, we can install durable and beautiful hardscapes including pool pavers, retaining walls, outdoor kitchen, outdoor bar, fire pit, and much more! We offer our high-quality hardscaping services to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Long Beach Island, Princeton, Bucks County, and surrounding areas.

pool landsacping

Dive Into the Aesthetic and Functional World of Hardscaping

Hardscaping is an indispensable facet of landscaping that plays a pivotal role in enhancing the aesthetic and practical aspects of your outdoor space. It involves the thoughtful incorporation of non-living elements – such as patios, driveways, and retaining walls – to not only uplift visual appeal but also improve the functionality and usability of the space. SquallCo intricately designs and skillfully implements these solid structures, ensuring they seamlessly blend with the natural flora and topography of your yard.



The cornerstone of effective hardscaping lies in a well-orchestrated balance between natural and structured elements. While greenery provides freshness and vibrancy, hardscaped components introduce structure, accessibility, and practical usability into the environment. These non-living elements carve pathways, create barriers, define spaces, and introduce additional utility, thereby sculpting the surroundings into well-defined, usable, and stunning outdoor areas.



Engaging with SquallCo for your hardscaping needs means embarking on a journey where every stone, path, and wall is meticulously designed and crafted to amplify the beauty and functionality of your surroundings in Surf City.

Hardscaping Projects in Surf City and the Greater Long Beach Area

SquallCo Hardscaping has left indelible marks of craftsmanship across Surf City and the Long Beach area, with each project narrating a unique story of transformation and excellence. One of our signature projects envelops a residential space turned into a splendid outdoor retreat, where we meticulously shaped pathways, erected robust retaining walls, and crafted a mesmerizing patio, intertwining elegance with utility.

Our hardscaping services include Pool Pavers, Retaining Walls, Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Bar, Fire Pit, and much more!

Our projects, whether residential or commercial, large or small, are executed with an unwavering commitment to quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. It’s not just about erecting structures but sculpting spaces that enhance experiences, promote usability, and withstand the test of time and elements. SquallCo is more than a hardscaping company; we are architects of outdoor experiences, building every project with a keen eye for design, precision, and endurance.

SquallCo Hardscaping - Your Premier Hardscaper in Surf City

SquallCo Hardscaping, a name synonymous with high-quality and aesthetically pleasing outdoor transformations, has firmly established itself as the go-to hardscaper in Surf City.


With an unwavering dedication to bridging functionality and visual appeal, our team brings to the table a blend of expertise, innovation, and client-centered approach, ensuring your outdoor spaces aren’t just structures but extensions of your indoor ambiance. SquallCo delves deeper than surface-level aesthetics, bringing to life outdoor spaces that are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also sustainable and functionally sound.


With years of navigating the specific environmental and aesthetic needs of Surf City and its surroundings, our projects always stand out, both in durability and design. From initial consultation to the meticulous implementation of each hardscaping element, we honor our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The multifaceted team at SquallCo, bolstered by adept designers, skilled craftsmen, and strategic planners, ensures that every hardscape is a testament to our proficiency and your vision. Let’s explore how the touch of SquallCo has dynamically altered and enriched the open spaces of numerous satisfied homeowners in Surf City.

pool pavers

Our team can install a beautiful and long-lasting patio made with durable materials such as pavers. We will help you design your new patio to make sure it fits your specific style and theme of the rest of your landscape. Your new paver patio will become an immediate focal point of your property and become a place for outdoor entertainment for all of your guests!

Hardscaping Services Tailored for Every Need

Hardscaping is not just about laying stones artistically or creating sturdy, elegant walls. It’s an art and science that bridges beauty and functionality in your outdoor spaces. In the alluring confines of Surf City and the encompassing Long Beach area, tailored hardscaping services promise not only aesthetic appeal but also stand the test of time against the elements. Imagine sipping your morning coffee on a meticulously crafted patio, the serene path to your home being an inviting driveway, and your surroundings skillfully protected by robust retaining walls – all custom-crafted for your needs and style.


Each hardscaping project brings forth a unique charm and functional value to your property. Be it an expansive driveway, an enticing outdoor kitchen, or a lush garden path, materials such as pavers, bricks, and natural stones are employed with utmost precision to shape your vision into reality. It goes beyond visual appeal, ensuring durability and sustainability through every brick laid and path forged. A well-executed hardscape doesn’t merely adorn; it adds tangible, long-lasting value to your spaces, promising years of enjoyment and utility in the picturesque locales of Surf City.

Why Hardscaping Over Landscaping?

In the harmonious blend of outdoor aesthetics, hardscaping emerges as the backbone that lays a steadfast foundation. Unlike landscaping, which primarily concerns itself with the lush and transient aspects of outdoor spaces—think plants, trees, and lawns—hardscaping deals with the solid, unchanging elements. Imagine the tranquility of a well-designed patio or the structured elegance of a stone walkway. These elements do not wilt with seasons or require the regular nurture that a garden might. They stand resolute against the elements, offering a permanent, reliable aspect to your outdoor environment. Moreover, with hardscaping, you’re constructing a firm and lasting framework that seamlessly intertwines with the softer, ephemeral aspects of landscaping, creating an outdoor space that is both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing year-round.

Reducing Maintenance While Adding Value

In the dialogue of outdoor aesthetic and utility, hardscaping confidently asserts its place by significantly reducing the ongoing maintenance that often accompanies traditional landscaping. Lawns, flowers, and shrubs, while undeniably beautiful, demand continuous attention and care to preserve their vitality. Hardscaping, on the other hand, with elements like pavers, decks, and retaining walls, once installed, ask remarkably less of you in terms of regular upkeep. Additionally, the strategic incorporation of hardscape elements can notably enhance property value. Think of a well-constructed patio or an artistically designed outdoor fireplace — not only do these structures augment the visual appeal of a space, but they also offer functional value that prospects will recognize and appreciate when evaluating property worth.

Hardscaping paves the way (quite literally, in some cases) for enhanced usability and accessibility in your outdoor spaces. By incorporating elements like pathways, patios, and terraces, you effectively create more usable space for various activities and gatherings. Whether it’s a paved path that offers easy passage through a garden or a sturdy patio providing a comfortable space for outdoor dining and relaxation, hardscaping ensures that your outdoor areas are not just visually appealing but also remarkably functional. Beyond mere utility, well-designed hardscaping also ensures that outdoor spaces are accessible to individuals with varying mobility levels. Walkways, ramps, and leveled surfaces make navigating through different outdoor areas smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

Commitment to Sustainable and Innovative Hardscaping Solutions

In the field of hardscaping, the aspiration towards sustainability and innovation has always been paramount. The practical blend of these two principles not only enhances the longevity and beauty of the outdoor spaces but also pays homage to the environment that cradles them. In locales like Surf City, where the caress of the ocean breeze is frequent, using eco-friendly and durable materials such as permeable pavers or recycled glass, becomes crucial in ensuring the least environmental impact and the most steadfast structures.


The innovative spirit in hardscaping embodies the pursuit of creating spaces that defy traditional norms while adhering to the highest standards of quality and durability. Imagine pathways that guide rainwater, preventing runoff, and enabling natural irrigation, or a visually-striking retaining wall that simultaneously serves as a vibrant vertical garden, elevating aesthetics while promoting biodiversity. These aren’t mere structures but thoughtfully designed entities, moulded with a keen understanding of the environment, ensuring they not only reside harmoniously within the natural landscape but also contribute positively to it. Sustainability and innovation in hardscaping thus stand as unwavering pillars, paving the way towards futures where our outdoor spaces are as kind as they are captivating.

Retaining Walls

If you are struggling with soil erosion and drainage issues on your property, our highly qualified team can install a retaining wall to resolve this issue! We create custom retaining walls out of durable materials such as limestone and concrete blocks, and we can even help design your retaining wall using a 2D or 3D design rendering.

What is a Hardscape?

Within the sphere of landscaping, hardscaping emerges as the creation of structures that provide both aesthetic and functional attributes to outdoor spaces. Engaging in hardscaping means designing and constructing using non-living elements like concrete, bricks, stone, and metal to create pathways, patios, walls, and other enduring features. These structures, once built, generally remain unchanged over many seasons or years, offering a lasting form and framework upon which softscape – the living elements like plants and flowers – can interact and flourish. Hardscape elements, such as a walkway formed of intricately laid pavers or a stoic retaining wall, not only elevate the visual allure of a space but also add significant functional benefits, like improved accessibility and erosion control.

Essential Components of Hardscaping: Diversity in Design and Function

Hardscaping encompasses a variety of components, each offering its own distinct aesthetic and practical advantages. Patios, constructed from materials like pavers or natural stone, provide welcoming spaces for relaxation and social gatherings. Driveways, typically formed from concrete, asphalt, or cobblestone, not only facilitate vehicle access but also enhance curb appeal when designed thoughtfully. Retaining walls, crafted from materials like stone or concrete blocks, safeguard against soil erosion while also creating visually pleasing, multi-level areas within a landscape. From the sturdy and purposeful driveways to the serene and inviting patios, each element contributes to the harmonious blend of design and utility.

Balancing Functionality and Aesthetic in Hardscape Design

In hardscaping, maintaining a symbiotic relationship between aesthetic appeal and functionality is paramount. While a stone pathway gently guiding one through a garden is undeniably picturesque, its design must also ensure durability and provide a safe, accessible route across the terrain. Similarly, a patio should encapsulate both tranquility and resilience, offering a sanctuary that withstands the elements while providing a serene outdoor retreat. Therefore, the meticulous selection of materials and design principles is pivotal to crafting hardscape elements that not only captivate visually but also serve their intended purpose steadfastly, ensuring that every installation remains an enduring testament to thoughtfulness and skill in design.

Fire pit

Our team can build fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and fire tables to boost the ambiance of your outdoor living space. You can have your new fire feature installed using one of our pre-made kits, or you can have one custom-designed to match your exact needs and preferences.

Pizza ovens are popular additions to our fire pits!

The Indispensable Role of Sustainability in Hardscaping

Embarking upon a hardscaping journey mandates a conscientious approach towards sustainability. Selecting materials that stand the test of time, not just in durability but also in timeless design, ensures that the constructed spaces remain relevant and cherished across generations. Implementing water-permeable surfaces, utilizing locally-sourced materials, and considering the local ecosystem during design and construction are practices that underscore a commitment to environmental stewardship. Here, sustainability transcends beyond mere buzzwords, manifesting into every stone laid, every pathway forged, ensuring that the beauty sculpted today does not compromise the potential of tomorrow, weaving a narrative of responsibility and foresight into every creation.

Get Your Dream Outdoor Space with SquallCo

Whether it’s crafting a serene patio for quiet evenings or installing a robust driveway that gracefully welcomes you home, at SquallCo, we diligently forge every hardscaping project to breathe life into such visions. Understanding the distinct texture and feel of natural stones, the versatility of pavers, and the sturdy reliability of concrete, we weave these elements into a fabric that adorns your spaces with elegance and practicality.

Comprehensive Consultation to Realize Your Vision

Navigating through the initial conceptual phase is vital to ensure your aspirations are impeccably translated into reality. At SquallCo, our consultations are a deep dive into your desires and our expertise, forming a unique blend that crafts a roadmap for your project. During the consultation, your dreams serve as our blueprint, guiding us through design options, material selections, and functional considerations. While exploring the robustness of retaining walls or the finesse of walkway patterns, our shared dialogues sculpt the pathway to a hardscape that’s quintessentially yours.

Outdoor kitchen

Take your outdoor living space to the next level by taking advantage of our outdoor kitchen installation service. We can build custom outdoor kitchens as well as install pre-made kits that can be equipped with a variety of accessories such as a grill and refrigerator. Our team will make sure your new outdoor kitchen will have everything it needs to make fantastic meals while enjoying the fresh air!

A Transparent and Engaging Process

The inception of your project with us is enveloped in transparency and active engagement. As we intertwine the intricate patterns of brickwork or layer the stones to shape your patio, every step is communicated and shared with you. We appreciate the value of your investment and emotion poured into the hardscape. Thus, from choosing every pebble to deciding the curve of a walkway, your involvement sprinkles a personal touch to the unfolding masterpiece. We navigate through each phase, celebrating milestones and ensuring every inch resonates with your envisioned space.

Opportunities and Offers Tailored for You

The vibrancy of our projects stems from the unity of your dreams and our execution. We often curate special offers and opportunities designed to bring you a step closer to your dream hardscape without stretching your budget. From seasonal discounts on specific hardscaping elements to exclusive offers for our community members in Surf City, every provision is crafted to make your journey smooth and delightful. Every granule, every stone, and every design choice converge to sculpt a space where moments are cherished and memories are woven.

Your dream outdoor space is not just a project; it’s a canvas where life unfolds in its various hues. With every stone we lay and every path we pave, SquallCo is dedicated to bringing forth a symphony of durability, aesthetics, and personal touch. Allow us to be the crafters of your outdoor haven, ensuring every detail, from the coarseness of a rock to the subtle shade of your patio, is a mirror to your aspirations. Let’s shape your dreams into tangible reality, creating spaces where every step resonates with your essence. Connect with us and step into a world where your outdoor spaces are a pure reflection of your desires.

outdoor bar

By hiring our team to install a new custom walkway, you will make your property safer and easier to navigate. We offer flagstone, cobblestone, and porcelain pavers as durable options to create a walkway on your property.

Give us a call to schedule our hardscape services.

At UPL Inc, our hardscaping services are offered to help upgrade the functionality and beauty of your property. We offer our hardscaping services to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Long Beach Island, Princeton, Bucks County, NJ, and surrounding areas. Give us a call at  609-848-8347 to schedule any of our hardscaping services.

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