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perfect your Saturday

Perfect Your Saturday

What does perfect your Saturday mean? Well, it depends who you ask. But for many of our clients, it means time at the pool with their family and friends.  For others, a night around a fire pit with a glass one wine. We have clients who love to garden, and others who can’t wait for their next BBQ.

Regardless of their specific love, our clients have invested money in their backyards so they can invest time in the things and people they enjoy the most.

SquallCo works with clients from start-to-finish to first imagine, and then budget, and finally to create the backyard for their perfect Saturday. Of course we all use our backyards many days of the week. But the idea of a great day with family and friends is, for most, the motivation to improve their backyard, and we are happy to help make that dream a reality.

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